Bad Actress – Red Hot (Music Video) Review

So Chick McFarlane reached out to me to review Bad Actress and their new single (including music video) called Red Hot.

According to Bad Actress’ about section on their Facebook page, they are ‘bringing back the glory days with multi-award winning hard rock from the North of Scotland.’ But for some reason it doesn’t tell you what awards, or who any of the band actually is. Now gathering from Chick’s profile photo and comparing it to the music video; he is indeed the lead guitarist.

Chick also mentioned that ‘…the video was completely DIY. It was filmed in our practice room by my dad (big up Cal McFarlane) and he also edited and then it was sent to Matt Nathan at MGN Studios for some more editing!’ Now knowing that the music video is completely filmed by someone who doesn’t have a background in videography or video production; I feel like I have to be a bit more relaxed with my opinions. Mainly because I have degrees in these areas and so I have spent years watching videos in order to analyse every tiny part and spot errors and also amazing sections.

So lets begin!

Straight off the bat, it looks homemade. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially when it was filmed in a COVID-19 lockdown (thanks Boris). Things that tell me it’s handmade is the lighting, as it’s just a normal room light that is on rather than different lighting styles through or any changes to lighting. Another is colour correction, which maybe if altered it could have looked more vintage/ home video-esque to go along with the edited cam-cord screen that pops up in the black and white parts (would have looked good on all the time too be honest and more realistic).

Editing. It’s hard, and Cal (big up Cal) did his best! I loved the way it went to black and white every now again, it kind of grabbed the audiences attention and mixed it up a bit. Also, the camera work was very steady for hand held which is also a good skill to master.

The cuts however, could have been better. They were very slow paced and too spread out considering it is a fast paced song. If the jump cuts were quicker and more together it would’ve resembled the rhythm of the song and therefore flowed a lot more in sync. Also there was an issue with a jump cut at 1.36 where it turns black and white on the frame before it cuts and just looks a bit out of place. There was also a zooming in glitch as 2.32, but not as noticeable unless you have a degree in spotting problems (sorry Bad Actress!) Lastly, the slow motion editing started too early at the end for me. Instead of starting at 2.53, it could have started at 3.04 when the instrumental part of the song kicked in, giving it a more parallel flow to the song.

In all honesty though, the lip syncing was amazing! Definitely a hard thing to get right when editing music videos, but it was done perfectly. The energy from the band was brilliant and it showed you a glimpse at how good their live shows will be now they can do them again! The song gave me very much all the 80’s vibes which fit in well with the style of Chick and the lead singer. I don’t think the other members got the memo (especially with the bassists brightly coloured mask, maybe a black one next time) but it didn’t stop them smashing out a promising tune, with strong energy that would get a crowd dancing. The beginning of the song reminded me of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog and the lead singers voice reminded me of Jani Lane from Warrant, especially in the song Cherry Pie.

Quoting Chick, ‘Inspirations come from lots of different bands and genres but what inspires us most is playing live in a room full of music lovers!’ I think this comes across when you see them play in the music video. I would definitely go and see Bad Actress live after hearing Red Hot. They’re an upcoming band that you need to keep your eyes on and hopefully the more songs they make, the more experience Cal (big up Cal) will get with music videos!

Looking forward to the next one!

Listen to the new single ‘Red Hot’ by Bad Actress now:


For more links and tickets to their live shows:


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